Update 30 January 2017
This announcement has been a ling time coming but we have finally decided not to rebuild the site. Too much time and money are involved and we don't have the resources. Hope someone else can take the torch and create another extreme fisting site. REX

Update 7 April 2016
SocialParody is history. Looking to rebuild XFM. If anyone has any information on social network platforms that allow adult content, let us know.

Update 16 March 2016
SocialParody is furiously trying to recover the domain. In the meantime, we can only wait.

Update 8 March 2016
Membership subscriptions have all been cancelled. Keep watching this page to see if we will be able to get back online.

Update 4 March 2016
Membership subscriptions are going to be ended by tomorrow. If we are able to get back up and running, you'll be able to resubscribe.

Update: 2 March 2016
Its looking less likely that XFM will be functioning any time soon. If its not online in the next few days, we'll cancel ccBill subscriptions.

Update: 25 February 2016
SocialParody is saying that we may be up sometime this weekend. Hope that happens. Members will be credited for this down time.

Update: 23 February 2016
Looks like the domain name SocialParody has been hijacked so its taken XFM down with it. SP is trying to fix this big problem. Hang in there. I hope this is taken care of soon.

19 February 2016

SocialParody, the platform that XtremeFistMen is built on, has temporarily gone offline. This problem should be remedied in the next few days. Memberships will be credited for the time lost.

We are really sorry for this disruption and we are hoping we'll be back online soon.